Tours in Seville


An outdoor walk along wide avenues, with big squares and monumental buildings, everything dotted with lush and exotic vegetation, romantic ponds and corners that invite you to relax, everything will help you to forget that you are actually in a big city, but at the same time this walk will leave an important mark from your visit to Seville.

Different architecture styles are represented in Seville’s skyline and streets. Specially, the local style, called Regionalism which, became a main player beautifying the city for the Ibero-American Expo of 1929. During this tour you will be led to the most significant examples of this architecture with a stop over at the incredible Plaza de España (Spain Square), inside Maria Luisa Park (which is much more than a park, is more like a botanic garden with over 100 trees species from around the world). We will reach Square of America, another icon from 1929 Expo. Along the walk you will find out what this Expo meant for Seville and also how such a huge event like this could be managed and run in that times.
Even in August, a walk by this part of the city will refresh and help you to get to know more about Seville.
Following that, we will be visiting some still standing pavilions of different countries that joined took part on the exhibition, finishing our tour at the Royal Tobacco Factory, the place that was the inspiration for the most popular gypsy story in the world, Carmen.

Duration: around 2h

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