Tours in Seville


To complete your visit to Seville you can’t forget two of the most representative palace-houses: Pilate´s House and Dueñas Palace. These are two hidden gems and, without a huge visitor flow, it will be easier to imagine the living style of the gentry not long ago.

PILATE´S HOUSE:the best example of a noble Andalusian palace, with a large history which is born in the 15th century when the Dukes of Alcala bought the first building. As time has been going by, different extensions and changes were executed, resulting in a mix of different architectonical styles, not to mention that this palace was the first to include Renaissance innovations. It has a large roman sculpture collection and it is a clear example of andalusian house style with a garden inside however, as this a palace, there are two gardens instead of only one.
It currently belongs to Ducal House of Medinaceli, one of the most important aristocratic families in Spain.

DUEÑAS PALACE: this palace was, together with Liria Palace, the favorite residence of the Duchess (the woman with more nobility titles in the world). Full with art and personal belongings, the gothic and mudejar styles decorate its interior, including a large collection of tapestries. The patios and gardens are full of fragrancies coming from different plants and its rich history that start back in XV century shows you the importance of this residence.
Its walls have witnessed how important people such as the writer Antonio Machado or Grace Kelly enjoyed the palace, as well as the Duchess, who spent in this palace the happiest moments of her life. As a publicly and constantly declared lover of Seville, with its people, its culture and its “art”, she made big contributions to the city, still being remembered and missed by sevillians with great affection. She was distinguished as Honorary Citizen of Andalusia which was the only title she used to say she cared about. Let me join you in the discovery of this palace and you’ll get to know more that one gossip.

Duration: around 1 h each house

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