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​​The Roman bridge welcomes us arriving to Cordoba, however not only the Romans left here their historic imprint: the Muslims raised this city to its maximum splendor thanks to the cultural and commercial development during five centuries, turning Cordoba into one of the most important cities in the world. During our walk by the old medina, which streets with their ancient look will transport you back in time, you will known how was the capital of Al-Andalus in the 10th century, its golden age, the relationships between Muslims, Christians and Jewish and what we inherited from those glorious times.
The Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba will impress you, because it is a unique, complex and ambiguous construction with an enigmatic beauty. From its Muslim part you shouldn’t miss the view of its forest of columns or the richness of the mihrab and from the Christian part, the height of the Renaissance transept or the chorus details.
The Jewish district has the only preserved synagogue in Andalusia and its streets are full of enchanted corners.
We cannot forget the patios with its flowers, the bulrush chairs or the typical ceramic piece used to drink water, you will love each detail. But the city offers much more as squares with constructions from the 15th century, beautiful churches, nobiliary houses…
A stop to taste the typical dishes from Cordoba is a must, you cannot miss the salmorejo or a Muslim dish, fried eggplant with honey.
Silver and leather crafts are very important in this city, with their origins in the Caliphate times.
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