Something else in Seville


HOLY WEEK: Semana Santa is the main religious festivity in Seville. Its origins come from the XVI century, but today it has evolved into a very different event. The sevillian people live the Holy Week with fervor and, although not everybody participates as a penitent, they don´t miss their favourite "hermandades" (religious brotherhoods).
To witness a procession being just a viewer is one thing, but to understand what is going on, to know a litle bit of history of these brotherhoods and to know some specific words and their traditions… is something completly different. Join me in this experience and you will never see a procession with the same eyes again. Whether if you are a believer or not, the emotions are present in each moment.

Duration: around 2 h (max 4 persons)

APRIL'S FAIR: two weeks after the Holy Week, it comes the other big cellebration in Seville: Feria de Abril - April´s Fair. The whole city dresses up with different colours and smells, women attend to the event with their wonderful special dresses and the horses walk on the streets with their beautiful decorations. With a “rebujito”- the typical drink from the Feria de Abril - and inside a tent, I will tell you how this fair started, its traditions and customs. And for the ladies, there are places to rent a typical dress to feel like one authentic sevillian woman. Just let me know and I will be glad to help you to arrange everything.

Duration: around 2 h (max 4 persons)

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